Tokyo, a tour of the city

As I had the opportunity to spend some time on my own after taking care of business, two dear friends of mine kindly decided to spend most part of two days showing me around and beyond, something I am very grateful for.


Imperial Palace - Tokyo, Japan

While catching up over our past several years apart, we strolled around Tokyo on foot and by train, touching many areas, some more, some less touristic. Weather was (still) good, though in November, and we could happily enjoy some unusual warm sunny days, which obviously make sightseeing much better.


Tokyo, Japan

The population density is probably one of the most characteristic traits, with busy streets, busy crossings and train stations.


Shibuya - Tokyo, Japan

And of course, neons. Lots of them. :-)


Neons - Tokyo, Japan

There is plenty to see in Tokyo, with its large multi-floor electronic stores and buddhist temples and shrines, dark and spiritual in some areas, shiny and lively in others, where the noise from slots and airing commercials make you wonder where did you take the wrong turn. You’ll find the well-known brands and international stores and shops, as well as the local eatery where they may not even speak English, yet you’ll get to enjoy their food and welcome. Impressive architecture, strange and different at times, and anime characters walking or standing on the streets. Definitely a place to visit.

More pictures after the break.