How to choose the right artwork

Often times we encounter beautiful artwork that we fall immediately in love with. When the price is right, there is only one more question that needs an answer: will it fit my room? Unless you are an interior designer by trade or an exceptional visualizer by gift, the question on how to chose the right artwork is the one very often separating us from the art piece we like so much.

Death Valley Dunes in Apartment Decor

So, how do I choose the right artwork?

While there aren’t strict rules on what artwork is right for a room, some guidelines can help assuring that your choice is a sensible one. Over at The Spruce they have two nice articles (this one, and this one) that can help you with that. Here’s our favorite tips for choosing the right artwork for your home:

1. Color matters

Photographs that match your room colors is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, also consider complementary colors, as they can make the art print pop. Black and white is also often a sensible choice.

Zion in living room decor

2. Size and scale

Bigger is usually better.

Spiral case, in home decor, living room

3. Buy what you love

If it resonates with you, that’s what matters the most. Art is supposed to make us love it.

Red Rose, in wall art decor

Your window on the World

If you are looking for ways to add more character and personality to your home or office, wall art is often times a great addition that ties together the room; whether it’s a painting, a poster, or a photograph.

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