Super moon at the Palo Alto Baylands

Last Saturday we had a moonrise around sunset time, and it was a full moon too. To be exact, it was a super moon, which made many get out all geared up to catch the special event.


super moon, palo alto baylands

I have had another super moon experience from a very different vantage point, but this time I decided for various reasons to stay close and immerse in the Palo Alto Baylands.


super moon, palo alto baylands

The moon came out big. Air was clear enough, but I was somehow expecting more of the sunset colors to paint the moon’s surface, but a cooperating bird made my day with one lucky shot :-)


super moon, palo alto baylands

I think I will have to study the phases and sunset/moonrise better; very well worth it I think. Yet the Palo Alto Baylands offered once again great photo opportunities.