Show of fire

After a trip or longer vacation there’s not only dirty clothes and souvenir in your bags. In the “old” days – when photography was on film – taking a picture was a well-thought event, being constrained by either that 36 exposures roll loaded in your camera, or – worse – the 12 exposures of that disposable camera that you bought on the beach. Nowadays, “digital-shutter-happy” people can easily return home with hundreds of pictures. And it never seems enough. How many times did you actually “miss” that special shot?

Show of fire 1

So, I am sure you will forgive me if I can only find time now to post some more pictures from my Hawaii trip. I do have a good excuse: busy life and crazy schedules. Sounds familiar? I thought so :-)

Show of fire 4

These are from a very different setting, being taken during the “Ha Breath of Life” show, which I invite you to check out if you happen to be at the Polynesian Cultural Center. And if you do, let me know: I’d like to know your story and see your pictures!