Just like a postcard

Photos taken during a vacation or trip are the modern way to keep vivid memories of the good time spent, and the beautiful views or distinctive things we have seen. For anybody with a camera in his hands, there is always the urge and desire to produce shots that – once at home – will look “just like a postcard“.

The magic around postcards is the intent of being able to describe the very essence or the magnitude of the location you are visiting in one single shot. One picture worth a thousand words. Add greetings.

These greetings come from Hanauma Bay Beack Park in Hawaii, great place for snorkeling beginners like me.

Getting there is easy. From the parking you are already presented with a beautiful view of the whole Bay. After a short – though mandatory – introductory video, you are finally walking down what is probably a quarter of a mile long mildly steep descent. Which is good, because you can retain some of the higher ground vantage point while getting closer.

Hanauma Bay - 3

Once on the beach, find your spot, get your gear – or rent it right there – and off into the water. Don’t forget sunscreen, or even long sleeves, to keep your  skin protected. In the water, you’ll be so captured by what’s under it, chasing colorful fishes and hunting for more, that you’ll forget of being laying at the merciless rays of the sun. Sorry, no underwater shots: I don’t have such gear (yet).