Hike to Mission Peak

A hike in the Mission Peak Regional Preserve towards Mission Peak is a steep 3 miles walk with little cover from vegetation, so if you want to try it, you should plan for fresh hours of the day – either early morning or late afternoon. It’s not too hard, but plan according to your pace: I am not too fit, and it took me around 3 hrs roundtrip.

The view is great, especially at evening, when you can actually enjoy the sunset over the Bay. If the air is clear, you can see the bridges over hw84 and hw92, and even the skyline of Oakland. Plan on having a long lens with you, as well as a wide one. Oh, and don’t forget the polarizers. If you are a very good planner, you can also have a full moon on your way back.


The time I went – two weekends ago – the weather was good. Not knowing better, I only brought my 50mm and a x0.25 reduction, which provided a wider view. But I missed out on my long lens, and polarizer… Well, next time :-)

I will definitely go back: it’s a good training trail for some harder ones, although per se not too tough and relatively close by.

Here some of my shots.