Graffiti in Berlin

Following my post about Berlin, I thought graffiti deserved a special post on their own, so here it comes. A small portion of the Berlin Wall has been maintained and transformed into a permanent exhibit where graffiti artists from all over the world have been invited to produce and paint one of their creations on a block of the structure.

2016.02.15 Berlin-salvoventura-blog-DSC_6078-Pano

Walking by the Wall gives you a great display, with a variety of interpretations and themes covered in each work.

2016.02.15 Berlin-salvoventura-blog-DSC_6082

Graffiti are not just at the Wall, and in some cases if you look carefully, you might encounter something beautiful or magic.

2016.02.15 Berlin-salvoventura-blog-DSC_6131

Of even funny :-)

2016.02.15 Berlin-salvoventura-blog-DSC_6103

More pictures after the break.

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