Colorful sunset after a hike in Uvas Canyon County Park

Not far from where I live, is Uvas Canyon County Park. Although on the smaller side compared to major outdoor sites, this County Park has lots to offer, including campgrounds and a creek with several waterfalls. The waterfalls are not particularly big, but if you go prepared, you can test your photographic abilities in creating those beautiful slow captures of falling water. I wasn’t prepared, so I didn’t get much of those shots.

salvo-ventura_2015.02.15 Uvas county park_DSC_0841_Salvatore Ventura

What did happen though once I left the park was a colorful and beautiful sunset, and for that I was prepared. I captured it not far away from the park entrance. A few trees on the horizon lent themselves to the composition, gifting me with a wonderful sight. Few more shots after the break.