Christmas holidays trip in Southern California

We are already half way through the first month of the new year, and while I compiled my “new year’s resolution list” yesterday (late, I know…), I also finally started going through the pictures of my holiday trip to Southern California, which included a visit to gorgeous San Diego, and my first time visiting the Getty Center in Los Angeles. The weather was absolutely gorgeous all the time, with temperatures that made me forget it was December.


I had visited San Diego a long time ago, very shortly though. This time around, I spent almost two full days, a good part of one touring the USS Midway. There’s obviously lots of thing you could do. My choice was for a relaxed time, enjoying mostly the fantastic sunsets by the beach, the food, and a touch of surprise and nostalgia in Little Italy.


Coronado Island is definitely a place not to be missed, and does not disappoint. Not to miss, the sunsets, and I highly recommend to stay around well into the blue hour for exceptional colors. Once content, the Coronado Hotel is a good place to either get food or drinks if you want to stay there. My personal preference for dinner remains with Little Italy, although I enjoyed the food at a very good Thai restaurant, bit off the beaten path.


Los Angeles this time gave me the gift of the Getty Center, which I loved. The building’s architecture is just amazing, in a way that marvels and welcomes and humbles you all at once. Their exhibits and collections are also beautiful, so it is definitely a place that I would recommend visiting. This place turned out to be the one of my last sunset for the year 2017. Not bad at all.


The gardens are absolutely fantastic, an art installation on their own: the layout and also the combination of material, flowers and plants, makes for a very multidimensional experience.


It was a very good way to end the year, with a nice balance of family time, new explorations, and overall relaxing times. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be hard, so I will pick the giant-soap-bubble-man on the beach, dispensing wonders made of soap and imagination.


Happy New Year!

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