New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year.

We are fifteen days into 2018 and just today I compiled my resolutions list. It’s not something I usually do, and one part of me regards this as a silly thing. Another part – instead – has a great respect and expectations from it, the accountability, the memory that it takes with it, making itself witness of my life’s trajectory in the course of the year, marking goals reached, targets missed and inevitable adjustments along the way. So, in a sense, it’s quite exciting to compile and keep a New Year’s Resolutions list.

I use lists all the time, in fact, but on a smaller time scale. Maybe a week, mostly a day, or even just an afternoon worth of items. It helps in keeping track. What’s on my list, you wonder.

As you noticed, my website has undergone a big change. I now have a dedicated main page, separated from my blog. The blog itself was revamped with a new theme, in order to make it lighter, faster, more mobile friendly, and especially suited for the direction it will take. I am intending to not only publish more of my pictures and travels, but also start a regular blogging column around photography in general, including possibly review of equipment I own and use. A tutorial series is also on the works, and I really hope to publish that along the way on my YouTube channel. Photography is going to still be the central focus of this blog, and I have a list of projects that I will want to pursue in my garage and outside, on which I would really like to write about.

I am also going to engage more on the business side, trying to generate more bookings, projects and sales, ultimately driving more revenues. That will come with more expenses as well, but I believe it will all balance out nicely.

Here’s to a 2018 filled with resolutions, but most importantly filled with the resolve, luck and resources to achieve them. For you. And for me.

Happy New Year!

Cover photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez, via Unsplash