Bowtie and Corona arches, Moab – Utah

If you happen to be in Moab, Utah, you absolutely cannot miss out on this fantastic location: it’s not far from town, it’s a fairly simple hike, it’s only 3 miles round-trip, and the place is just magic. Need more reasons? :-)


Corona arch, Moab - Utah

For a very detailed description of the whole hike, you should definitely check this page on Evertrail, which actually pulled from this page, and some more information here.


Bowtie arch (upper right corner), Moab - Utah

The lanscape is just amazingly alien, and it will keep you immersed for quite some time. The hike, with the various changes in ground and obstacles, is an amusing mini-challenge on it’s own. Never really dangerous, although you may to keep an eye our for ditches, and keep your children and pets close. Yes – lots of children and pets on this trail :-) Don’t forget to plan for some time to enjoy the open space at destination.


Corona and Bowtie Arch, Moab - Utah

What’s else to add? I really hope you’ll get to visit this place, and enjoy it as I did.