2013 Memorial Day in Humboldt County

As you may have already seen in my previous post, Memorial day was for me the opportunity for a road trip local to California. A six hour long drive northbound, landed me on the shores of Eureka, where I put base for two nights away from home. The Avenue of the Giants was a must stop to just take in – for a moment – the fantastic peace and magnitude of these trees.


Patrick's Point

Humboldt County is blessed with fantastic redwood forests, and beautiful shores. Of the various state parks, Patrick’s Point State Park definitely deserves the entry fee.


The Wedding Rock

Various trails inside are what I most took pictures of, including the Wedding Rock (cheesy name, but exceptional view), and the spectacular Agate Beach.


Agate Beach

There is more to discover, so if you decide to go, bring comfortable shoes, water bottle, hat, sunblock and a camera: you won’t be disappointed :-)