San Francisco Lands End Park

If you haven’t been to San Francisco Lands End Park yet, well, you must take some time to go over there and hit the trails.


Pelicans by Sutro Baths - Lands End Park, San Francisco

Besides the immediate access to the recently restored area, and access to the remains of the old Sutro Baths (be extra vigilant if you have little children), the trails around will take you around for quite some lengths, west of the Golden Gate bridge, where on clear days, like the ones you can get in the colder winter air, you will be able to glance at the northern coast, and maybe take a peak at the Point Bonita Lighthouse.


Mile Rocks Lighthouse and Point Bonita Lighthouse in the background.

The hikes can go from easy to medium, depending on your fitness level. If you’re scared of heights, some trails will not do for you, otherwise you can discover the Hidden Labyrinth and enjoy a view of the Golden Gate bridge in the afternoon light.


Hidden Labyrinth at Eagle's point - Lands End Park, San Francisco

During my hiking, there was a spot with dolphins apparently hunting; so the possible sightings can be quite exciting. And if that is not enough yet, by the time you are returning to the car for the ride home, you’ll close the day with a spectacular sunset.


Sunset - Lands End Park, San Francisco

Did I convince you yet? :-)