Colorful macro picture

As I mentioned in my first take at the 50mm macro photography it takes a good amount of practice to get decent results. Even just getting used to the tiny DOF makes it very hard to visualize the framed picture. Ideal subjects for macro are probably insects (which I don’t really dig) and flowers. All of which is presumably to happen indoor, as nothing is really allowed to move.

I am still working on this subject, so unfortunately I don’t have much of suggestions or success stories to tell. One thing I realized is that, tiny object don’t just do: you really need a good idea. Most likely the results you’ll be looking for are in the real of surreal, hard-to-guess parts of a whole. Now that I think of it, probably a clock work would do as well.

Back to work to get more ideas. A trip to the local library and more internet browsing should provide more hints.

What do you think: any previous experience?

Macro photography of light reflections on a DVD disc

Macro photography of light reflections on a DVD disc