Behind the scenes of a photo shooting

I have done a few photo shooting with models, and it’s always an exciting experience to try and capture the best of a moment, especially when you finally look back in the finder and can say “yes, that’s it”.

It all starts with an idea. To get there, you may need not one or ten frames, but maybe hundred or more. Different angles and poses that change slightly at every iteration, not to lose too much of the original idea, yet able to carry something different, something that might become the right thing.

And the routine is always the same: frame the subject, check the light, frame again, hold your breath, shoot, check, breathe, hold again, shoot twice, change. I get tired by holding my breath that way :-)

Constantly bending for better framing while Terry was stretching on the concrete stair.

A model may be sitting unconfortably on a concrete stair for minutes (try it, it hurts), or staring up while the camera is hanging from atop. All of which while pretending it’s the most natural thing to do.

While looking for a different or better vantage point, I continuosly find myself in odd positions, where maybe one hand is holding me in place, and the other is just barely enough to bring the camera to my eye and wishing the lens could be zoomed with just a finger.

Vantage point being top of the building - there I was

Of course, it’s also fun. You know you’re doing it for the final result, and put in more effort and idea into it. The atmosphere is right, you share stories, ideas. In the end, the right picture will come as the combined efforts from both model and photographer.

You are not just capturing a moment, but your are creating one to be captured. It’s not easy, and it doesn’t always happen. But when it does, it is really rewarding.

These pictures come from the photo shooting I had with Terry, whose gallery you should check here.