2014.03.15 St Patrick’s Day – San Francisco

The beautiful sunny day that blessed San Francisco yesterday, made for an exceptional St Patrick’s Day Parade for this 2014.


2014 St Patrick’s Day Parade in San Francisco - Stewart Tartan Pipes & Drums

I try to go every year, but my track record only shows me attending every other or so, with my last time being two years ago.


2014 St Patrick’s Day Parade in San Francisco

I was a tad late this time, and traffic got me a bit of troubles into finding a parking spot, but all in all I was able to see a lot of the so many groups and organizations parading on Market street and around the San Francisco Civic Center Square. And everyone gets involved, showcasing their costumes and make up.


2014 St Patrick’s Day Parade in San Francisco

A great display of tradition, and a great event to attend for young and adults, so mark your calendars and be ready for next year.


2014 St Patrick’s Day Parade in San Francisco

Don’t miss more pictures after the break.

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