2013.05 Rome

Prompted by a family celebration, last week I was in Rome, Italy. There is little you really need to add with such a location: weather was good, food was great, company excellent. The setting, of course, marvelous.

Colosseo - Rome blogexport_salvo-ventura_2013-05-16__dsc0676

Rome being a powerful touristic magnet, is very hard to catch on camera without planning: you would really need to come with at least few lenses, a tripod, and get up very early – or stay around very late – to both avoid the crowds and capture all of the iconic landmarks the city has to offer. Of course, construction schedules would help too :-)


As for me, as I said it was a family event and a week long getaway, to recharge and enjoy. So I traveled light and did what I could, not forgetting to eat some good pizza al taglio, and – of course – various gelati. :-)


Here a first selction of pictures.