Presepi a Caltagirone

Nativity scenes are very common to find in most Christian countries, and while times have changed and the modern global social community calls for an update, traditional scenes are still expression of care and local artisanship, which seem to be valued more and more nowadays.

These very few shots taken during a visit into an exposition of Presepi while in Caltagirone, Italy. These are just a tiny sample of one single place, while I could not visit the tens other expositions, each with a different peculiarity. And you should also know that over Christmas eve they stage a live scene…

Caltagirone is famous for its maiolica and terra-cotta wares, with very specific decorative patterns as well as colours used in production. The welcoming centro storico is rich in history and architecture as well as local cuisine and artisanship. This is a must-see city if you visit Sicily in the south-east.