Lakes in the State of New York

I don’t happen to travel very often: work is so busy lately that my first time outside California this year has been for business. This time I landed in the upper state of New York, a land of wide green spaces, with hills and small town, and many lakes.

Sunset on Lake Onondaga 02

I could not pass the opportunity, so after all my business for the day had been taken care of, I would take my camera and explore a bit the surroundings. The weather was not the best companion for photography last week, so I don’t have a whole set of sceneries, but I got lucky enough to enjoy and capture a beautiful sunset over lake Onondaga and some views from Skaneateles.

Skaneateles 01 - B

I hope in better luck and more time, should I be able to return; but for now, hope you enjoy the following gallery.