Lake Tahoe in summer

As I took a short break from work, I found in Lake Tahoe a pleasant escape from the daily routine and enough room to relax the mind while keeping the body on the go with short hikes.


Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a fair drive, but nothing out of reach. Good traffic conditions will have you get up and drive very early in the morning, but you will be happy to make that up later with a nap by the lake.


Sports or relax in Lake Tahoe

This was my first time in Tahoe during summer, especially to the lake shores, and I was totally amazed by the beauty of the place.


Butterfly by Emerald Bay

The drive around the lake is very scenic, with many points that deserve a stop, like Emerald Bay, which you should definitely consider during your visit.


Emerald Bay with Fannette Island

All in all, plenty of activities, mostly water sports and hikes, in an environment that is very city-like with quite of a backyard for your daily explorations.


Water sports in lake tahoe

And yes, let’s keep Tahoe blue.