Gaudi’s masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

A visit to Barcelona cannot be considered complete without a close look at Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia.

salvo-ventura_2014.12.05 - 01 Sagrada Familia_DSC_9457_Salvatore Ventura

The massive cathedral, in construction since 1880 and still work in progress, will capture you within its walls, and let you marvel at the beauty that you will discover at every angle and surface, spiraling staircases and radiant ceilings, painted in the light that, colored, filters through the several stained windows.

salvo-ventura_2014.12.05 - 01 Sagrada Familia_DSC_9612_Salvatore Ventura

The sculpted facade, true example modernist organic architecture of which Gaudi was a master, will draw your eyes into discovering shapes that emerge from the stone to living creatures seemingly ready to detach.

salvo-ventura_2014.12.05 - 01 Sagrada Familia_DSC_9403_Salvatore Ventura

If you visit Barcelona, definitely visit the Sagrada Familia, possibly also climb up the towers. More pictures after the break.