Afternoon walk in Palo Alto Baylands

As I wanted to take a break from most everything, and having finished reading the sci-fi book I recently got myself (“The windup girl” – P. Bacigalupi, if you’re interested), I thought about paying a visit to the beautiful Baylands in Palo Alto.


Clouds - Palo Alto Baylands

A friend of mine came along, and as she hadn’t visited the park before I played (poorly :-) ) the tour guide, extending the walk to paths that were new to me as well, including the renewed EcoCenter. The day was just gorgeous.


Gorgeous fields

I went back after dinner to try and catch a bit of a sunset which looked promising. The park is now open until sunset, or 9pm, which is still a bit early to catch a nice sunset from a better point inside the trails, so I took these latter ones from the parking lot just outside the main gate.



Nevertheless, the park never ends to gift its visitors.