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Event Photographs

Photographs documenting guests and occurrences at an event.

Corporate events, business inauguration, seasonal parties, product launches, team outings, charity events, team-building games, all present a unique opportunity for capturing what powers your business, which is your partners and employees in a relaxed and positive environment.

Images from events, capture company and business history, celebrating achievements and can also serve as a powerful way to promote your organization to prospect employees, investors and even customers.

Non-profits can leverage the same type of service to grow community awareness and support to their cause.

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Who needs event photographs?

Companies and businesses that engage in events for their employees, their customers or their partners, charitable events, fundraisers, etc. Non-profit and charitable organizations that want to raise awareness about their presence and efforts in the community.

What can I do with event photographs?

Event photographs can be used on your business blog, on the business social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…), as a great way to show your company culture, and to create a positive response in prospect employees and investors.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on coverage hours.

Discount available for non-profit and charitable organizations.

Event photographs

Give a more complete story about your business and the community.

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