Model shooting with Ashley Spansel and Terry Alabata

Ending last year I had the great pleasure to work again with Terry Alabata on a new project. The model of choice was the beautiful Ashley Spansel.   The theme was a Vampire Bridal, where Terry was able to fetch the costume which fitted nicely Ashley. All the makeup and hair was done by Terry. […]

2014.11 Christmas in the Park, San Jose

The day after Thanksgiving traditionally marks the official the beginning of Christmas season, even though several stores had started quite ahead of time. Downtown San Jose welcomes the holiday with the official arrival of Santa Claus in Plaza de Cesar Chavez, fully decorated with lights and exhibits and with a live performance by the Santa […]

Model shooting with Shotta McKay and Terry Alabata

I recently had the great opportunity to meet and work with an exceptional model, Shotta McKay. The introduction came from my dear friend Terry Alabata, who was the MUA for the shooting. We head to Lands End in San Francisco, on a mild day, and worked on a very productive shooting, involving three or four […]

2014 – 43rd Annual Stanford Powwow

Besides Mother’s Day, the second weekend of May traditionally hosts the Annual Stanford Powwow. The history of such event is quite interesting, so if you’re like me and didn’t know about it, I suggest you read it. The gathering is really a competition of dancers, singers and effectively a great exhibition of colorful costumes and […]

2014.03.15 St Patrick’s Day – San Francisco

The beautiful sunny day that blessed San Francisco yesterday, made for an exceptional St Patrick’s Day Parade for this 2014. I try to go every year, but my track record only shows me attending every other or so, with my last time being two years ago. I was a tad late this time, and traffic […]

Kamakura, city of temples

Located south of Tokyo, Kamakura is just 1-1.5 hrs away from it by train. I am sure you will be able to read more details on this city than I can ever know, but if there’s one thing that seems to be predominant, is the number of temples and shrines around this city, some of […]

Tokyo Asakusa Senso-ji Buddhist Temple

The Asakusa Senso-ji Buddhist Temple is a place that – although some describe as touristic and crowded – I think is worth to be visited. Tokyo’s public transportation being well connected, visiting the temple does not pose a big challenge on the traveler. The temple is definitely visitable in couple of hours to a full […]

Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market

As part of a business trip, I had the fortunate opportunity to both be in Tokyo for an entire week, and have couple of days all for myself before returning home. The Tsukiji Fish Market, in Tokyo, is the largest fish market in Japan. An early wake will allow you to attend the tuna auction, […]

2013 Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead) – San Francisco

November 2nd being a Saturday, Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead) this year was easier to attend, with less rushing to San Francisco. As per tradition, the ritual procession and altars display is held in the Mission and I am sure you can find plenty of information on their website, and pictures around […]