Model shooting with Ashley Spansel and Terry Alabata

Ending last year I had the great pleasure to work again with Terry Alabata on a new project. The model of choice was the beautiful Ashley Spansel.   The theme was a Vampire Bridal, where Terry was able to fetch the costume which fitted nicely Ashley. All the makeup and hair was done by Terry. […]

Model shooting with Shotta McKay and Terry Alabata

I recently had the great opportunity to meet and work with an exceptional model, Shotta McKay. The introduction came from my dear friend Terry Alabata, who was the MUA for the shooting. We head to Lands End in San Francisco, on a mild day, and worked on a very productive shooting, involving three or four […]

Model shooting with Laurie and Terry: Fallen Angel

It’s been just a month and I am finally presenting the results of a beautiful cooperation between me, Laurie as model, and Terry as makeup artist, with whom I had the pleasure to bring to life a long-time projects of mines: The Fallen Angel. No real need for me to highlight Laurie’s beauty and expressiveness, […]

Greek goddess shooting at the San Francisco Legion of Honor with Terry

My new year in photos started in a very great way. Besides great memories from my last year’s trip to Death Valley, Lone Pine and Solvang, and then the engagement session with Yvonne and Carlos in China Beach, Terry and I setup a new model shooting, this time with a greek goddess theme. As a […]