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Your image is my business™​

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Your image is my business™

As a commercial photographer, my services are for businesses wanting to boost their brand awareness and generate sales through quality content. Professionals, small, and medium business owners. Whether you have a brick and mortar business, or an online e-commerce store, I can help creating the images you need, providing a great value to your brand.
I am fully licensed and insured. I am also a current member of the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce.

Why your business needs a commercial photographer

Our contemporary society is heavily visual. We now tell most of our stories through pictures. Customers want to see your product before even walking into your store. For e-commerce businesses, the image is your only chance to win a sale. Your business partners want to see that new equipment in a brochure. Your future employees want to see the company party and office space candid photos to judge your company culture.

As a business owner and professional, you are looking to enhance your online presence in order to set yourself apart from the rest. However, good quality photographs are not enough. You need consistent results and a dependable professional that you and your team can rely upon.


My pledge to my clients is to provide the best service I can offer. I take pride in my services and photographs, and will go the extra mile to accommodate your requests and needs until satisfaction. In all of my work, you will find a reflection of the efforts and attention to detail that will make my photographs – your image – stand out. As my slogan says, Your image is my business™

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