After moving from Italy to the Bay Area more than 10 years ago, I soon discovered my love for photography. I started in the digital photography world with a point-and-shoot and gradually evolved skills and expertise. In 2008 I bought my first DSLR, Nikon D50, and in 2009 as I started this blog. As I began to share my photographs with the larger audience of the Internet, it led me to foreign publishing and local art exhibits. Starting Salvatore Ventura Photography was the next exciting step.

Each picture is a story in the happening, and a memory to be told

Ever since I have traveled in US, Europe, South America and Asia, taking with me my camera, and bringing back countless memories.

After all, each picture is a story in the happening, and a memory to be told.

For sale

If you are interested in purchasing or licensing any image on this website, visit my online store or contact me for more information. I am constantly adding and refining more photographs from recent travels, projects and new interpretations of archive images. Come back periodically to check out for new content.

For hire

I offer portrait sessions for individuals and corporate, as well as coverage for events and parties. Photography and editing lessons are also available and can be scheduled for small groups for best interaction and learning.


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