Los Gatos Creek Trail


As the days are getting longer and warmer, walking outside becomes enjoyable again, more so when visiting new places. Few weekends ago, a sunny Sunday, I went for a walk at the Los Gatos Creek Trail. The Los Gatos Creek Trail runs for 11 miles along the Los Gatos Creek. It covers both sides of the stream, with several bridges allowing to cross from one side to the other.


The northern stretch of the trail is mostly uncovered, so do not forget water and sun protection in warmer days or warmer hours. The trail is paved, and allows for bicycle traffic, although the lanes are narrow, so caution is recommended. The stream is reachable in many points, although I am not sure if there’s regulation against that: I didn’t recall specific signs, but wasn’t paying attention to that either.


The Los Gatos Creek Trail is definitely popular: you will find lots of people on their training routines; walking their dogs; or just taking a nice walk or bicycle ride on it. Besides the water creek, there’s several points with tanks used for fishing activities. And around those, birds like hummingbirds and snowy egrets are easy to spot. I also saw a turkey vulture and plenty of the ubiquitous pigeons. If you are into photography, bring your longest lenses!


If you get your timing right, you can reach all the way south to Vasona Park, and further to the end of the trail. As I mentioned above, this is an 11 miles stretch, so get your timing right, and don’t forget water, skin protection and camera :-)

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