Moomba Festival and Parade 2016 – Melbourne, Australia


A recent business trip brought me far far from home, likely the farthest until now, way “down under”. In between business, I got the chance to visit both Sydney and Melbourne, here in Australia, and I have been lucky in many aspects, for the opportunity first, the great season which brought good weather, and some other lucky coincidence, like the Moomba Festival in Melbourne.

Moomba Festival 2016, Melbourne - Salvatore Ventura (

It is a very interesting festival on which you can surely read abundantly on the internet. Having been there, it really feels like something special, that brings together the whole city for a whole long weekend, filled with events and rides, of which the parade is a great expression.

Moomba Festival 2016, Melbourne - Salvatore Ventura (

Floats surprised me with their creativity and refinement, both artistic and technical, yet another expression of the effort that the community puts in this great event.

Moomba Festival 2016, Melbourne - Salvatore Ventura (

Of course, the event brings together also the vast talent of street artists, appreciated by the community at all ages.

Moomba Festival 2016, Melbourne - Salvatore Ventura (

So for your next trip, when your flight will bring you to Melbourne, maybe schedule it around the Moomba Festival: you will enjoy it greatly. More pictures after the break.

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